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Located in the heart of Matlacha Island is one of Southwest Florida’s most colorful landmarks. Lovegrove Gallery and Gardens is a whimsical reflection of artist/owner Leoma Lovegrove, for whom it serves as her international headquarters, artist studio and island gift shoppe. With its distinctive pink roof, polka dotted walls and mix of art, pop sculpture and gift ideas, Lovegrove’s gallery sets the tone for the island’s entire gallery district. And out the back door, guests find unexpected treasure in the form of a relaxing technicolor botanical garden with a view of the tranquil waters of Matlacha Pass.

Located In Beautiful Matlacha Florida

4637 Pine Island Road NW
Matlacha, Florida 33993

For more information email us:
Or call the gallery at:
(239) 938-5655


Sunday 11-4
Monday Closed 
Tuesday Closed
(By appointment only. Gardens closed. Please call 239-938-5655 if you need immediate assistance.)
Wednesday 10-5
Thursday 10-5
Friday 10-5
Saturday 10-5 
Garden closes at 445 or earlier for inclement weather. 

Appointments available, please call or text gallery in advance at 239-203-8332.